MISSION STATEMENT - Our goal is to nurture the creative community, encourage artists and develop talent in Chicago and beyond. With a venue, complete production studio and post house, with a second on the way, Comedy Well Done produces original content that caters to a wide audience, while showcasing the best performers you've never heard of.

HISTORY - The founders of Comedy Well Done are Jeremy Caplan, Len Austrevich and newcomer Natasa Zoubouridis. While the three comedy entrepreneurs were developing Jokes4Miles, a pediatric cancer organization that asks for jokes - not donations, they formed the new Chicago based entertainment studio.

PHILOSOPHY - Comedy Well Done takes a no-holds-barred approach to humor. Content ranges from G-Rated and silly, to thought provoking and offensive, so there's something for every comedy taste! Each founder has lost family members to cancer and shares the belief that a strong sense of humor can help anyone through the toughest of times.

FUNNY MERCH & CANCER SUPPORT - Proceeds from the merchandise sales from both Comedy Well Done and Jokes4Miles underwrite the programs of our pediatric cancer organization. This business model ensures that Jokes4Miles only asks for jokes - not donations. 

STUDIO ENVIRONMENT - Comedy Well Done fosters a collaborative and learning work environment. Our team includes students, interns, volunteers and seasoned veterans. Productions run the gamut from short sketches and documentaries, to music videos and feature films. Staff members gain hands-on experience while writing, producing and marketing. 

JOKES4MILES - Their initiative began with a father's goal to rally 5,000 jokes for Miles Austrevich -- a young man fighting brain cancer. The project was embraced worldwide and although Miles passed away in December, 2012 the organization continues in his honor, by supporting caregivers, hosting parties and uploading jokes that anyone can enjoy. Their venue and production services are available free of charge to families and cancer organizations. They host events that include free entertainment and catering to families with a child fighting cancer. Joke campaigns are an opportunity for anyone to support children fighting cancer without spending money!

A LOVE OF COMEDY - As a child, almost from day one, Miles bounced on the laps of many comedians, including Bill Hicks, Richard Jeni and Paul Provenza. While growing up, he frequented the comedy clubs his father owned and managed. The two enjoyed hanging out backstage at Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show and Conan O’Brien -- a treat provided by their buddy T. Sean Shannon. In high school, Miles volunteered at a venue his father ran, where they both enjoyed watching the likes of Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Robin Williams and Miles' favorite -- Hannibal Buress. Miles used laughter as one of his most effective forms of treatment. Visit Jokes4Miles.com