Several Chicagoans were shocked by a disturbing scene that unfolded last week in the city’s North Halsted Theater District. Football hall-of-famer Mike Ditka was found under a protective tarp violating a statue of Betty White. The monument was slated to be unveiled at a ceremony scheduled on White’s upcoming birthday. The TV icon, of Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore fame, is adored the world over, most notably by Senator Orrin Hatch who commissioned the bronze piece of art.

An off-duty Chicago fireman made the shocking discovery, stating, “This guy was my childhood hero. Now, I’m not sure how I feel.” Mr. Ditka was a member of the 1963 NFL Championship team and led the 1985 Chicago Bears to Super Bowl victory.

Upon hearing the news, Betty White released the following statement: “I'm flattered.”

By Alec Robbins
The Bad News - Sports Desk

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