As I grow older, I’m more apt to use the phrase, “Fuck ‘em,” than I was when I was younger. It is a comfortable, succinct and concise way to express oneself.

“They don’t like me? Fuck ‘em.”
“They want me to help them move? Fuck ‘em.“
“They expect me to buy their kid’s cookies? Fuck ‘em.”

These are not the words spoken by an 18-year-old boy trying to impress a young lady or her family. It’s not likely you’ll hear them from young execs working their way up the corporate ladder. Even if a man of the cloth is wrongly accused of inappropriate behavior, he’ll rarely say, “Fuck ‘em.”

Still, this phrase is a huge part of my vernacular. A cornucopia of my apathetic responses can be conveyed with these words. Like wine, fearlessness improves with age. With more calm, comes less concern. I simply don’t give a shit. It feels good to reach a place where I can comfortably say, whilst referring to just about anyone - “Fuck ‘em.”

Opinion by Len Austrevich

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